Non-profit foundation

ANBI, short for public benefit institution, is a status that the Tax Authorities grant to institutions that are fully committed to the public interest.

ANBI status makes donations deductible
Thanks to the ANBI status, Project of Love and its donors can benefit from attractive tax benefits.

As a donor you can donate with a tax benefit (under certain conditions). As an ANBI, Project of Love also does not have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances and donations that it uses for the public interest.

You can find more information about the tax benefits for ANBIs at the tax authorities.

IBAN: NL96BUNQ2083889495

Stichting Project of Love
KVK: 88853500 
RSIN: 864800629 
BTW: NL864800629B01 


Xander Stok


  • Janis van der Linden (Chairman)
  • Helena Boere (Boardmember)
  • Susanne Kooiman (Boardmember)

Veersedijk 4
3341 LN Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
The Netherlands

Project of Love

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