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A living and breathing audiobook. Words of Life, sung to life.
Project of Love is born out of a deep love for the Word of God and its Author.

'His word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones!'
(Jer. 20: 9)

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NEW! Song of the week

Isaiah 65/53 - All Day Long I Open My Arms

We release one song from the book of Isaiah every Friday.

Coming up first:
the Book of Isaiah.

Watch this trailer to get an introduction into 32 songs (3 hours of music!) straight from the book of Isaiah.


'Taste and see that the Lord is good!'

(Psalm 34:8)

'Taste and see that the Lord is good!'

(Psalm 34:8)

What is Project of Love?

Get to know the incredibly loving heart of the Father through his own words.

Project of Love has the mission to put all books of the bible to song. Words of Life, sung to life. This project is born out of a deep love for the Word of God! 

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17)We believe music is the awesome gift from God that bypasses your brain and goes straight to the Heart. That's the only place where the word of God is really understood!

So whatever you do, don't JUST think the words: sing them, speak them, declare them, and do it OUT LOUD. Over you, your friends and family and even enemies ;)

Who is Project of Love?

“Grab your guitar and sing what you’re reading.”

Project of Love is founded by Xander Stok, Dutch professional singer-songwriter. About 3 years ago, his life changed dramatically. 

Xander's Testimony

Hi guys! 

I'm Xander Stok, the founder of and man behind Project of Love. I get a lot of questions who Project of Love is.. well, it's just me :)

This all started because only a year ago, in my quiet time, the Holy Spirit whispered: "grab your guitar and sing what you're reading." 

I was reading Isaiah, and yes..in the New Living Translation. 
Some people seem to have a problem with that, to them I say: take it up with the Holy Spirit ;)

Until 3 years ago, I wasn't even a believer. I was a singer/guitarist in a rockband (The New Shining). Suffered from severe depression for over 20 years. Thought about and tried to kill myself on a regular basis. I never felt at home in this world. Had addictions to fill the hole in my soul. 

Then three years ago, I had an encounter with my amazingly good Father. He took me out of the pit, gave me new life, new clothes, a mission, and here I am. 

I quit my job and am putting the Bible to music. For as long as He wants me to. 
Never in a million years had I dreamed I would be doing this. I had heard of the Bible, but found it a stuffy, dusty, boring, old book. 

That was then. He's blessed me with a raw hunger, a craving for the Word. 

These days, I NEED it. I love His beautiful Word. Cannot live without it! 

So, I just started writing music. At this moment I have around 22 books I've put to music. It's a LOT of work, just for one man..but He guides me every step of the way. In more ways than I can explain here.. 

Later on I had a dream and when I woke up I could hear the words Jesus had said to me in the dream: "This is our project of Love. Together we will show the heart of the Father to the world." 

I believe there is tremendous power in the Word of God. I would love to see people around the world get acquainted, or reacquainted with the Author. To make the Bible accessible to everyone. I'm convinced, they will see for themselves how outrageously kind He really is! 

My beautiful wife, Djen, makes all my videos and artwork. I'm SO grateful for that, without her I would be completely overwhelmed. She provides the eye candy for the ear candy :)

If you would like to support me and this Project of Love, I'd really appreciate it. Right now, I'm basically living of the donations of sweet, generous people all over the world.
If you'd like to donate, you can do so here, just hit the donate button :) 

I believe God is about to do "a new thing" (Isa 43)! 


Currently working on:

Deuteronomy 50%
Song of Songs25%

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We need your help in this!

We believe that Project of Love is a new and different way for many people to discover the Word and heart of the Father.

This project is not only meant for 'believers'. It's also, or maybe especially, meant for people who don't know God yet. Don't know He's a loving, caring Papa. With a soft spot for the heart-broken. 

Don't take our word for it, these are His own words! ;) 

Project of Love is an ANBI (registered) non-profit, so gifts will be tax-deductible.

YouVersion & Hallow

We are so grateful to partner with the two #1 Bible apps on the planet! Find Project of Love plans & playlists in your personal favorite.


Who is Project of Love for?

Well, obviously for everybody! Believers, non-believers, (Truth) seekers, dreamers, the heart-broken, the deliriously happy and everything in between ;)

But it's especially good: 

  1. If you think the bible is a dusty, old book. Hard to read, hard to understand.
  2. For lovers of the Word!
  3. For people having a hard time remembering the Words. This is a fun and playful way to learn and use (ánd do) God's word in daily life.
  4. If you'd like to know what God has to say about depression, anxiety, sickness, grief, pain, etc.
  5. It's an awesome way to proclaim the Word! These are His words, words of Life.
    Sing them out LOUD and give the devil a headache! ;)
  6. For people who have a hard time reading and understanding the bible.
  7. Instead of sending a card to a sick or troubled friend, you can send them a bible song!
  8. It's a great way to get to know the Word of God AND His heart AND His love for you!

'Kiss me and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine!'

(Songs 1:2)

'Kiss me and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine!'

(Songs 1:2)


We love to hear from you! Do you want to know more about Project of Love or reach out? You can email us on mail@projectoflove.com.

Project of Love is a registered ANBI (non-profit) organization.


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