Project of Love is not a big, massive organization: it's just one man and his dream.

Project of Love is my full time job: I am dedicating all of my time, life, money and efforts to work on the - beautiful - project I believe the Father has given me.

Your choice to 'pay it forward' funds future books of the bible put to song. And a nice cup of coffee every once in a while - I am currently working on 20 bible books as we speak and counting, so I could use some ;-)

Donations given will be used to support the music, the (future) releases and my everyday expenses. 

With every financial gift that you sow in to Project of Love you are helping share encouragement, truth, and a new and different way for many people to discover the Word and heart of the Father all around the world. Your faithful support WILL make a difference in the lives of thousands!

"His word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones!"

Thanks for your generosity! Love,

I'd like to give

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Project of Love is becoming an ANBI (registered) non-profit soon, so gifts will be tax-deductible.